Shelfie Residential Interior Design | Studio Apartment Design by Gala Magriñá

This studio apartment was an open floor plan, and the goal was to maximize space and create division between living areas while utilizing existing pieces. Designed in an 'Eclectic Modernism' style, it features modern, clean lines mixed with pops of color and cool and unique objects and plants.

Home Office Design in an apartment | Living Room Interior Design | Residential Interior Design Gala Magrina
Open Floor Plan Bedroom Interior Design | Gala Magrina Holistic Interior Design

Strategically placed low, white dressers maximized storage and delineated the bedroom area while also allowing sunlight to filter into the rest of the apartment.

Gallery Wall Interior Designer Gala Magriñá
Interior Design with Custom Millwork | Residential Interior Designer

The wall mounted shelving and cabinets in the living area created a mix of out of sight storage and display space for books and objects while keeping the room open, modern and airy.

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