Why Holistic Interior Design?

Because our environments affect our daily motivations, lifestyle and behaviors, and these in turn determine 80-90% of our health outcomes. The layout, energy, design and materials in our spaces affect us in a myriad of ways. So why not work with accredited experts that can ensure your space is not only beautiful and functional, but also healthy and empowering for yourself, your employees and your customers.

What is Holistic Interior Design?

Holistic Interior Design is so much more than just furniture and décor. We look at client goals, the energy of the space, floor plan and flow, as well as the use of natural materials.

Another major component of Holistic Interior Design is creating a reconnection to nature. And why nature? Because hundreds of years ago, when we lived closer to nature, our bodies and lives reflected nature’s natural rhythms and cycles.

With almost 70% of the world’s population now living in cities, disconnection from nature has become a real problem, affecting our moods, productivity and sleep to name just a few. We look to mitigate this by bringing nature - and reminders of nature - inside.

Benefits of Holistic Interior Design

With health being the new wealth, there is no better time to begin incorporating a holistic approach to interior design than now. Benefits that clients can expect from this mindful approach to design are:

  • A 12% increase in employee productivity, less sick days, higher concentration.
  • Employees experiencing reduced stress, better moods, and overall improved health and immunity. While true of all spaces, there is a particularly notable shift in office environments, which tend to start out with inadequate lighting, cold design, and are the most disconnected from nature.
  • A space that fosters a sense of inspiration, belonging and safety. In the retail, hospitality and wellness world, this results in guests lengthening or increasing their visits, which in turn translates to higher sales.
  • A more intentional, abundant and successful business due to energy clearing and intention setting for the brand coupled with conscious business practices.
  • A signal to guests and customers that the business puts wellbeing and health above all else (without sacrificing design) and helps the brand stand out in a sea of competitors.

Holistic Design Process

We believe that the energy of those working on the project will filter into the space itself.To this end, we aim to work with vendors and subcontractors that are positive, mindful and eco-conscious. Together, we focus on the process just as much as the outcome, so that the ‘making of’ is as enjoyable as the final space itself.

Our holistic design process is very similar to our standard design process, but goes deeper into elements that affect our health and wellness like:

  • Energy: Clearing negative energy from a space and setting intentions for things like good luck, abundance and prosperity.Testing for EMF disturbances which can have negative affects on the nervous system.
  • Air: Monitoring air and making recommendations on HVAC and purifying systems to ensure good air quality which affects respiratory health
  • Light: Ensuring proper lighting that mimics natural sunlight as closely as possible to minimize disruption to circadian rhythms which affect mood, body temperature and heart rate.
  • Balance: Introducing Feng Shui techniques that balance a space for optimal wellbeing and support client goals
  • Color: Incorporating knowledge of how color affects us and suggesting colors based on use of space and to support client goals
  • Nature: Integration of biophilic design and how best to incorporate nature into the space in a way that is on brand. Bringing nature into a space has been scientifically proven to boost mood, concentration and productivity, and lower stress, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Sustainability + Non-Toxic Materials: Prioritizing eco-conscious and sustainable vendors and specifying non-toxic material

For a quick refresh, as many of us are spending more time at home, we are now offering Holistic Interior Design consults.

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Additional Support

For those looking to take things a step further, whether within their space or beyond, we are also able to recommend:

  • Holistic Transformational Coaches
  • Intuitive Healers
  • Meditation Teachers
  • Nature Therapy Guides
  • Crystal Workers
  • Akashic Record Readers

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