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We work with companies that want to bring their brands to life in a Retail, Pop-Up, Showroom, Office, Hospitality or Wellness environment. Our clients understand that spaces have a profound effect on people and want to work with an interior design agency that can create the best possible environment for their brand. What separates our approach from other interior design agencies is our extensive knowledge of visual merchandising and experiential marketing, our background in production and our practice of holistic interior design. With this skillset, we’re able to create unforgettable brand experiences that maximize profits and form emotional connections with our clients’ customers and employees in healthy, happy spaces that nurture, elevate and inspire.

Though our philosophy is that more mindful spaces will change the world, we incorporate holistic design as much or as little as our clients prefer – and this is part of our goal setting at the beginning of the design process. We believe in the creation of holistic spaces without sacrificing function, modern design and profitability.

Our access to Artists, Illustrators, Carpenters, Architects, Local Artisans and cutting edge Technology ensures that every space we design is unique, customized and layered with unforgettable moments.

Gala Magriñá Design manages projects from initial concept to final installation. Services include:

Offices | Wellness Spaces | Retail Stores | Showrooms | Pop-Ups | Hospitality

Project Management | Custom Fabrication | CAD + 3D Renderings

Graphic Design | Holistic Interior Design | Feng Shui

Gala Magriñá, Designer + Principal

Gala Magriña, Founder of Gala Magriña Design, an interior design agency based in New York City

Raised in New York City and Barcelona, Gala Magriñá is a multidisciplinary, multicultural force to be reckoned with. While her interest in design and interiors can be traced all the way back to her Hawaiian themed childhood bedroom, her career was ultimately shaped by her education as an NYU film student, her role as one of Diesel USA’s first employees, and as the founder of M Crown Productions, an award-winning production design agency that focused on events, pop-ups, exhibition and retail displays.

Building on this success, in 2017, Gala launched Gala Magriñá Design, a commercial interior design agency based in New York City with worldwide production and installation capabilities. Eventually, an education in holistic design and mindful practices solidified the move from events and temporary spaces to interior design and refined the focus of the agency.

“In terms of my process, I am guided by our clients’ desires and needs, the story we want to tell, my intuition and the inspiration I have collected from my travels and every day life. Mix in the incredible eye of my team, a collective OCD we all have when it comes to the details, and you have standout interiors delivered on time and on budget.”

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